3D panels profile - structure, image, sizes, use and advantage

3D panel is a spatial structure consisting of a expanded polystyrene plate (usually called core), both sides of which are fixed welded wire fabrics made of high strength wire. The welded mesh fabric connected piercing polystyrene with truss of steel wire, welded to the welded fabric at an angle. It gives a rigidity spatial structure, and simultaneously prevents polystyrene core shifting.

3D panel is a versatile structural element designed for floors, walls, partitions, roof, stairs.

Our 3d panels are produced on special equipment automatic spot welding process, which leads to a stable end-product quality. Accurate and reliable assembly welding reinforcing cages 3D panels eliminates the curvature at any length.

3D panel (as Figure 1) includes welded reinforcing meshes of high strength wire, diagonal wire and self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene uncoated concrete, manufactured in the factory. And shotcrete is applied to the panel assembled at the construction site, which gives the bearing capacity of the structure.

3D wire panel after shotcrete has the following five components (as Figure 2):

  1. The outer layer of shotcrete.
  2. Welded reinforcing mesh of high wire.
  3. The core of expanded polystyrene sheet.
  4. Diagonal wire (stainless or galvanized wire).
  5. The inner layer of shotcrete.
Reinforcing mesh 3D wire panel detailsFigure 1: Welded reinforcing mesh 3D panel. Five parts of 3d panel after shotcreteFigure 2: 3D panel details after shotcrete: Reinforcing mesh, expanded polystyrene core and diagonal wire, outer and inner shotcrete layers.
Welded reinforcing mesh 3D panel details imageWelded reinforcing mesh 3D panel details image: Reinforcing mesh, expanded polystyrene core and diagonal wire. five sheets of reinforcing mesh 3D wire panelWelded reinforcing mesh 3D panels in our warehouse.
Reinforcing mesh 3D wire panel without expanded polystyrene coreWelded reinforcing mesh 3D panel without expanded polystyrene core. V shape Welded reinforcing mesh 3D panel3D panel with V shape diagonal wire.

3D Panel dimensions:

  • Length - 2m, 3m, 6m.
  • Width - 1.00m, 1.15m, 1.20m.
  • Thickness 50mm (for walls), 100mm (for the internal load-bearing walls), 120mm (for exterior wall).
  • weight: 25kg (3 × 1.2m panel)

Reinforcing welded mesh of high-wire

  • Materials: low carbon grade, and galvanized wire.
  • Reinforcing mesh wire diameter: 3mm - 4.5mm.
  • Mesh size of 50 × 50mm, 50 × 100mm, 100 × 100mm.
  • Diagonal wire stainless steel or galvanized wire diameter of 3mm- 4mm.
  • Step laterally - 100 or 200mm.
  • Step longitudinally - 100mm or 200mm.
  • The distance between the mesh and polystyrene - 16mm (for walls), 20mm (for load-bearing walls).
  • The number of diagonal bracing rods: 100 pieces per Sq. m.

The core of expanded polystyrene (polystyrene foam P-25, P-35) thickness 50mm / 100mm /120mm / 150mm. (for exterior walls 120mm, internal - 50mm).

    Finished design also includes:
  • After the establishment of reinforced 3D panel at a construction site, it will be done 2 - 3 layers of concrete shotcrete method (using plaster station or hopper).
  • Outer layer of shotcrete 50-60mm (class not lower than B20).
  • Inner layer of shotcrete 50-60mm (class not lower than B20).

3D wire panels has the advantages in terms of energy consumption, thermal protection, thermal insulation, comfort, simplicity, speed and cost of construction, strength and durability.

The internal structure of 3D panels:
Expanded polystyrene is selected as the core because it is eco-friendly and durable material, supplying not only high thermal insulation, but also a good resistance to fire, and therefore fire safety.
Increase the service life and durability - used polystyrene foam virtually inert and does not absorb moisture, is durable and resistant to decay.

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