3D panel application for building and warehouse, fence and wall

3D panel is very popular in the construction

The construction of a three-layer panel (3D panel) is a spatial truss structure consisting of a reinforcing mesh and galvanized or stainless steel rods welded at an angle to the welded reinforcing mesh, the core of polystyrene foam and two layers of concrete, supported by shotcrete.

Any project can be adapted to the construction technology of 3D panels. Create complex architectural shapes (round, square, sloping, segment), virtually any design. Rate the freedom to choose the architectural and design solutions due to the simplicity and flexibility of the technology with reinforced insulation boards. Bay windows, curved walls, wall fence, arches - all elements of the complex can be made without increase in the cost of construction and special architectural revisions.

How do you build curved or radius walls with 3D panel?
You can build curved or radius walls by cutting the wire of reinforcing welded mesh on one side of the panel. This will allow the panel to bend to the desired shape or radius. It is very important not to cut through the heavier truss wire so that wall strength and integrity remain intact.

3D panels are usually applied into:

  • In the construction of residential buildings, 3 - 5 storey residential buildings; 3D panels are made into all the basic building blocks of buildings, walls, floors, roof, stairs.
  • Public buildings, clubs, entertainment facilities, sports halls, farmhouses.
  • Commercial, industrial and administrative buildings.
  • Individual warm pools.
  • Sound-absorbing and protecting fences.
  • Warehouses and vegetable store.
  • Storage containers including tanks.
  • Architectural complex forms.
  • Barges and docks.

3D panels have the advantages construction in the following place:

  • Construction of facilities in areas where limited load on the ground: in marshy and sandy soils.
  • In earthquake-prone areas (buildings withstand an earthquake of 7 - 8 on the Richter scale).
  • Construction on the undeveloped and inaccessible areas for transport.
  • In the reconstruction and refurbishing of buildings in high-density urban areas - where it is impossible or cost-effective placement of cranes and heavy construction equipment.
  • When the superstructure floors of existing buildings without increasing the foundations and walls with the available safety margin of an old design.

The technology of individual housing construction from 3D wire panels include the following steps:
The first, 3D panels are delivered to the construction site. The very walls installation begins with the installation of panels on a previously prepared a monolithic slab or foundation. On the foundation established by reinforcing bars, which are attached directly to the panel. After mounting of the walls on all surfaces set meshes. Places which would be an additional burden, amplified further reinforcement. When all communications are done, start shotcrete. Gunning - a process of applying a pressure on the concrete surface using any special equipment. In this step design becomes bearing capacity. Monolithic overlap formed by pouring concrete on the upper and lower panels. The generated surface is overwritten and the finish. After a few days, when the hardened shotcrete, mounted floor and roof.

A set of equipment necessary for the construction of 3D panels to a house:

  • Shotcrete machine or air-hopper.
  • Air compressor.
  • Concrete mixer.
  • Supporting structures (beams and telescopic poles).
  • Tool for binding wire and standard hand tools.
  • Do not need lifting equipment, weight panels can be installed manually design.

This construction technology has several advantages, including:

  • Low cost.
  • High speed of construction.
  • Strength and durability.
  • The ability to combine technologies.

Buildings of polystyrene foam reinforced wire mesh 3D panels are extremely low cost and exceptional tightness, along with a high degree of thermal insulation. These building systems are now widely used in many countries of the world where there has been a rapid development of construction industry. This is the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Libya, Poland, Egypt, Guatemala, Portugal, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Venezuela, Mozambique, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico.

A sheet of reinforcing mesh 3d wire panel
Reinforcing mesh 3d wire panel

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