Anda is a dynamic team offering reinforcing mesh EPS 3D panel

We are a dynamic team - Hebei Anda Metal Products Co., Ltd., the manufacturer and supplier of expanded polystyrene 3D panel. The main directions are making reinforcing mesh 3D wire panel products and services.

3D panel - a modern building materials for the rapid construction of new energy-efficient warm buildings and for renovation of existing buildings and structures. You can create a wide range of different objects: houses, walls, floors, roof, stairs, sports halls and farmhouses, etc.

Anda has more than 15 years of making the reinforcing mesh 3D panel product. We have enough experience, and mastered the entire cycle of the construction process from the production of wire panel materials to the development services. We have our own strict production line. Production of panels made at the factory for automatic equipment, which ensures high quality of welding and assembly of panels required accuracy. With the latest technology in the production of high-quality equipment and raw materials, we can give you products of the highest quality with competitive price.

Our experts are engaged in the design and construction of 3d panel, with an advantage in speed, quality, reliability and cost of our building 3d wire panel materials. we will be able to realize your most daring design solutions, because now you have the opportunity to get away from the standards of construction. Spheres and arches - all is possible.

We strive to solve the complex issue of construction and operation of facilities for our customers.

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