3D panel consisting of reinforcing welded wire meshes, expanded polystyrene core and diagonal truss wires connecting them, for fast and high-quality construction.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) has good insulation and thermal insulation properties. Building from expanded polystyrene 3D panel is strong, reliable and economical.

3D panel advantages: thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire safety and durable, reduce construction cost and time, no need heavy construction equipment.

3D panels can be used to any construction project, such as buildings, walls, floors, roof, stairs, warehouses and vegetable store, pool and protecting fences.

We manufacture all sizes of 3D panels, length 2 - 6m, length 1-1.2m, mesh wire 3 - 4mm, mesh opening 50 × 50mm, diagonal wire 3 - 4mm. Other specs can be customed.

Here shows you 3D panel detailed construction process including install wall panels and shotcrete, and equipment necessary for 3D panels construction.