Welded 3D Panels Price and Common Sizes

A piece of welded reinforcing mesh 3D panel with EPS insulation.

Welded 3D panels system is a new construction techniques and options for conventional concrete building design. They are welcome by contracting company in the world who is exploring new construction techniques for house building.

Nowadays, some areas is suffering from a lack of new technologies as well as a daily increasing cost of labour. For example, Mauritius and surroundings regional construction market, Greece and India construction market.

Furthermore the growing demands for constructions in the region make us realize that it is a must to develop new types of construction. Our 3D panel construction system is the right new method of construction. It is It is simple to operate, and save labour.

In fact, we have large quantities of welded reinforcing mesh 3D panel with expanded polystyrene core exports to these regions. Our customers often order several FCL 40ft HQ panels.

Hot specifications of welded 3D panels ordered by customers as below:

  • Welded reinforcing mesh of high wire diameter 3 mm and a mesh size 50 × 50 mm, the core of expanded polystyrene thickness 80 mm, diagonal wire HD galvanized diameter 4 mm.
  • 3D panels with 150mm of EPS insulation and 3D panels with 50mm of EPS insulation.
  • 3D panels 80mm eps and 120mm eps. 12 density, 2.5mm mesh wire, rust proof, for house building.
  • Welded reinforcing mesh 3D panel without expanded polystyrene core, wire dia. 2mm, mesh spaces 50 × 50mm, 3000 × 1200 × 50mm.
  • Single panel, double panel, slab and roof eps wire mesh panels.
  • 3D panel 4' width × 8' height × 3" thick, 4' width × 8' height × 2.5" thick, 4' width × 8' height × 5" thick, 4' width × 8' height × 6" thick.

3D panels and EPS block machine / 3D wire mesh block panel welding machine is also offered by us.

The shipping cost and final price per sq. meter depends on order's quantity and specifications. For example, the price of ordering a small quantity of 80-120 m2 and ordering more than 1000 m2 is different. The 3D panel with 50 mm of insulation is certainly cheaper than 3d panel with 150 mm insulation.

If you need 3D panels, please provide the product details and order quantity, so that we can take the things further.

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