Reinforcing Welded 3D Panels - High Wire Mesh and EPS

3D-panels with 120mm EPS & 80mm EPS & 50mm EPS. Here are the details:

3D Panel dimensions: Length - 3 m, Width - 1.20 m
Items Thickness Quantity
P1 Thickness 120 mm 800 panels (2880m2)
P2 Thickness 80 mm 500 panels (1800m2)
P3 Thickness 50 mm 600 panels (2160m2)
Reinforcing welded mesh of high-wire
Materials: galvanized wire
Reinforcing mesh wire diameter: 3 mm
Mesh size of 50 × 100 mm

Three drawings of 3D panels.
The drawings of 3D panels with 50mm EPS & 80mm EPS & 120mm EPS

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